Lazy Loves ❤️...The O.C

Well maybe this Lazy Love is a little obvious, but we just can't help but SHOUT about how much we love the OC. 

It has everything you could want from a show, teen angst, multi million dollar scandals, love and laughs. It is our ultimate Lazy Day show. 

If you've never watched, well first WHY? It all starts with bad boy Ryan Atwood who finds himself on the wrong side of the law with no-one to turn to. That is until super dad, dream boat and all round good guy public defender Sandy Cohen shows up. Saving him from his bad boy lifestyle in Chino, Sandy brings him home much to the dismay of wife Kirsten, but for son Seth its the beginning of a beautiful friendship... and then it's 'welcome to the Oc Bitch' 🍊

Watching this show is like seeing old friends for us, and we never get tired of loosing ourselves in the Newport Harbour world. Our Oc inspired collection is made up of simple, everyday pieces that make effortless chic so so easy. 



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